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Shared Future, Win Together


Apluscop was established in 2010. We incorporate the best of suppliers and ODM to deliver the certified products, best operation services to different markets and customers. This winning combination crates an innovative solution to our valuable customers in the US, EU, Japan, and Middle East. We always keep our customers in mind and dedicated to pursuing high quality technology with right level of operation support which ensure our customers get a rich and enjoyable experience from our products and service.

Having very close relationship with our suppliers, we commit fast time-to-market and bring competitiveness to our customers. All our customers are considered as our partners. We win and enjoy better future together.


  • Vertical integration platform delivers competitive price and increases the market share.

  • Become the trustable partner for all our customers and ensure no market conflict.


  • To boost our customers' competitiveness and profitability with our exceptional products and service.

  • To keep ahead of our competitors, we incorporate with our partners and suppliers strongly and closely.

Our Values

  • Trans-platform Integration: We well leverage the resources from our suppliers and support from our customers to create new core competitiveness through trans-platform   integration.

  • Surpass: together, we challenge our own limits and strive to surpass ourselves. We believe there is always a better way of doing things by rejecting assumption.

  • Operation: Other than the competitiveness delivered by products, we also provide operation support to make sure time-to-market with no extra cost.  Good planning always deliver expected good outcomes.

Products & Services

  • Products: telecom fiber, telecom mechanical chassis, molds and plastic mold ingestion, cables, connectors, IC, power adapter, power bank, packaging etc.

  • Services: operation support, project management, factory auditing, logistics, and cost optimization, and trading. 

  • Manufacturing: product design, packing design, ID design, sample build, and mass production. 


  • CSR Commitment: not only us but all our partners have to ensure the fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Safe Workpalce: we create a friendly work environment and good welfare system to take care of our employees.

  • Care for society: we engage in social welfare activities to repay society with organizational resources.

  • Environmental Protection: all partners have to be "GREEN" with no exception. We also set goals for continual improvement through the environmental management system in order to pursue sustainable development.

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